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Every week, we present an excellent invention recommended by a number of the industry's top tech writers. This week's selection involves sunglasses that stop the display material and the LCD and liquid crystal lights. If it's not life is invested in the displays, said Arielle Pardes at Sent, a new couple of nuances could quickly help you escape the brightness. IRL cuts - the phrase represents In .In Real LifeIn. - have an annoying polarized lens provided by guided and liquid crystal displays. In general, televisions inside the sports bar seem to turn off the flashing signs, apparently in white. In . The colors published in Kickstarter's latest research by and almost overkill Bucksninety, a thousand more than the one hundred and fifty thousand dollars needed to start production, are charging Bucks49 from Bucks49 to Bucks79. If you expect that cuts will require you to put your phone, know These sunglasses won't that they can not obstruct OLED screens, such as those found on the latest Apple phones Mackintosh and New Samsung. .

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