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Selection: The survey revealed that guitar participants are more different from each other. The ladies continue to establish the emerging acoustic guitar market, constituting fifty percent of the novice and ambitious participants. The increasing diversity of participants is also increasing beyond the sexual category. Every African-national and Hispanic consumer now represents an important and growing discourse on the latest participants: African Americans in the United States are the cause of 19% of ambitious participants, while Latino participants make up 25% of beginners. "Modern participants have evolved in a different cultural setting and in a well-known song scene, and more and more designers like Mura Masa, Tash Sultana, Youngr, Steven Caesar, Grimes and Ed Sheeran are changing the way the guitar is used. acoustics, "said Andy Mooney, managing director of Fender. "As a brand, we are dedicated to creating instruments - both physical and digital - to meet the demands of the brands generation of inventors to do it yourself, now and in the future." Motivation: Advancement with the participants themselves contributes to the question "Why are customers going to get the guitar to start?" Fender's analysis revealed that, at the present time, the motivations of new players are innate. 72% of respondents indicated that they had used the acoustic guitar for the first time in order to acquire lifestyle skills or improvement techniques. To deepen his reflections, Fender consulted Steven Levitin, who explained: "Using a device can only enhance a person's general well-being, even 5 minutes a day to benefit from a selection of physical and mental benefits. and emotional.

"What's good Fender, was mentioned VanderWaal guitar. "Personally, I was when I wanted it, I needed these Fishman ur Kula pickups, themselves evoking a continuation of the elegant and bohemian fashion for the next participants.The live system comes from Sapele who gives a structured ukulele, which looks like tailor's gold The computer rosette In addition, Guitar Isn't Dead: the bespoke brand, the first on the device, also made it possible to make the Ukulele Elegance ukulele more dark blue of the Soprano ukulele of the Coast series to close friends or family.